Is a ScummVM hackathon/codefest a good idea?

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Is a ScummVM hackathon/codefest a good idea?

Post by LunaVorax »

I guess everything is already in the title, but I'll explain myself better.

I've been wondering if it could be a good idea to set up a ScummVM hackathon for the developers to meet each other, settle down, and work on specific tasks for two days.

I'm already seeing the counter arguments coming right away.
Still, if money and the place to code/eat/sleep/slack off wasn't a problem, would it bring any benefits for the projects and the developers?
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Post by sev »

Yes. We try to do it during GSoC Mentor Summits too.

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Post by Strangerke »

Each year, we wonder also about booking a room at FOSDEM for that.... Maybe next year :P
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