Gabriel Knight 3: Utterly confused in the beginning

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Gabriel Knight 3: Utterly confused in the beginning

Post by CaptainJei »

I'm now playing through Gabriel Knight 3 for the first time. It had a very ambiguous and confusing introduction in which Gabriel stumbles off a train and is in France, and now I'm wandering around with no particular goal in mind, and the game doesn't seem to be giving more than vague hints as to what I can do. The manual doesn't provide any clues either. Did something go wrong with the introduction?
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Post by balpat »

Included with the game is a short graphic novel detailling what happened before Gabriel gets on the train.

You are supposed to find the kidnapped baby son of a French prince. Gabriel folowed the kidnapper to the train.

All evidence suggests that these kidnappers might have been vampires.
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