Edmark games? Sammy's Science House, Millie's Math House?

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Edmark games? Sammy's Science House, Millie's Math House?

Post by dkossman »

I searched the forums and couldn't find anything - is there any possibility of ScummVM support for the old Edmark games? Platform of interest is Mac OSX 10.8.

The specific games we have and would like to run under ScummVM/Mac are (Windows versions):
- Sammy's Science House
- Millie's Math House

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Edmark Games

Post by Humongousfan »

Yes, there should be Edmark games such as Millie's Math House, Bailey's Book House, Sammy's Science House, Trudy's Time and Place House, Stanley's Sticker Stories, the Thinkin' Things series and so many others that are very numerous, supported on ScummVM.
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