Hollywood Monsters by Pendulo Studios in ENGLISH !!!

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Post by Reckless »

Thanks for the heads up. Hollywood Monsters for free and a free translation. Can't be bad :)
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Post by raina »

What do you know, it worked! Kinda lost faith a couple of times during the process of obtaining the game. Now what's left is to see if it still works after uninstalling all the accompanying nonsense.
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Post by NoiZje »

Incredible work. Wanted to play this game for such a long time. Thank you!
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Post by dag »

Does it work in Windows 7 64?
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Post by Bobbin »

dag wrote:Does it work in Windows 7 64?
Yes, without any problems.
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Post by dag »

Indeed it did! Not without problems though, at first I got only sound but no picture, an issue I've had with several other games using the same resolution. Good thing is, now that I've figured out why, I'll be able to play all those other games aswell! Boy am I glad I didn't throw them away! I'd never thought I'd see the day where I'd be spoilt for choice when it comes to adventure games. It seems 2012 is gonna be a great year to be an adventure game enthusiast:D

EDIT: I guess i was jumping to conclusions there:S I'm still getting a black screen (but with proper sound) on Gilbert Goodmate and probably others.. damn..

Edit2: Figured out the black screen issue with Gilbert Goodmate... now only problem is, there is so little time, and so much adventure to be done!:P
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