Dark Seed 1 & 2

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Dark Seed 1 & 2

Post by keirondrk »

Hi there guys, :o

just wondered if there was any thought about getting Dark Seed 1 & 2 working in ScummVM. :wink: ... I've never played the games but have always wanted to,

would be fun to see phantasmagoria as well hehehe. :P

keep up the great work!..... seeing the old lucas classics kept
alive like this, and now goblins!!!!! :lol:

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Post by thyphoon »

DarkSeed (1) is a great game ! :o)
I would be very happy to if ScummVM support it . But, I was asked Darkseed for scummVm
the answer is : viewtopic.php?t=165

Excuse me for my bad english

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