The Neverhood is coming mobile.

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The Neverhood is coming mobile.

Post by Rosstifer1712 »

It looks like the original developers are negotiating for the rights to get The Neverhood re-released on iPhone, Android etc...

It will be the original game so no updates or remastering stuff done to it which is fine because the game was perfect as it was.
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Post by Red_Breast »

Any links to somewhere other than those 2?
Actually I google it myself.

When you say no remastering maybe I don't understand the term correctly but I would of thought that by getting the game working on those devices that process could be termed remastering. I've only ever heard it used in things like old TV shows being released on DVD.
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Post by ezekiel000 »

I take no remastering to mean they won't be re-working the video, sound, music and graphics from the original source files before they were compressed for the original PC release.

So essentially the same as ScummVM; same data files new platform.
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Post by eriktorbjorn »

According to one of their tweets (all my attempts at providing a link have come out wrong, but there aren't that many of them) they think they should be able to get "somewhat better quality than the original game".
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