Best way to optimize ScummVM?

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Best way to optimize ScummVM?

Post by krafty_pk »

Is there a way to optimize scummVM that im missing?

I have every game working full speed on my x6, including Broken sword 1 and 2, Monkey islands all, flight of the amazon queen, the dig and more, apart from discworld 2 (one of my fave ever games) the fmv sections run irritatingly slow and sketchy and there are a lot of them.

Just wondering if there is some ways of optimizing that i am simply overlooking?

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Post by Freddo »

Nope, the only thing that will help there is a faster CPU as it's relatively demanding to play the Discworld II cutscenes. The 434 MHz ARM11 in the X6 isn't enough, but it does work well in the phones that have a 600MHz ARM11 CPU.
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Post by krafty_pk »

Cheers buddy, thought as much, oh well, another 12 months and ill be getting something no doubt a million times better the rate phones are going atm
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Post by fingolfin »

Note that the FMV / BMV decoding code is of a nature that makes it a bit nasty to optimize in pure C; but with just a tad of assembly, a huge improvement should be possible.
So if somebody familiar with ARM assembler wants to look into this, I am sure a very noticeable speedup would be possible.
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Post by Anotherguest »

And don't foerget that even on speedier android phones some games have problems of running, for Android this is usually regarding loads of texture updates needed. For symbian it depends on the phone, som Nokia variants has very slow databuses, so full screen 30fps is really hard to achieve even with the extra cpu.

But for games like full throttle its easier since the fps for those movies are around 15-20. Also if you enable the virtual keyboard, and set use aspect ration 1-1 then you will update a smaller part of the screen and thus abit smoother.
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