Broken Sword II on my N8

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Broken Sword II on my N8

Post by daniel74 »

Hallo @all,

I´ve installed Broken Sword II on my N8 ans is working. But, is it right, that is it not possible to play it in landscape mode or is the a option, to correct this?

On the other side. Is there an Option to play the Ingame Videos? I havent take the folder with the videos on my card....


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Post by Mrdiller »

I have a vivaz and I was trying to figure it out myself. . I found it though. I went to the onscreen keyboard function thingy thing on the side and pressed ABC, then NUM, then FNC then just played around with the F1 F2 F3 etc buttons and it rotated the screen and changed the size and all that.

What im trying to figure out is how to avoid bringing the console up every other second :\

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Post by Fable Son »

Press <o> -> CUR -> NUM -> CTL -> 2 -> CTL to rotate the screen og Symbian devices ;)
Just crap that you can't se the virtual keaboard on the Nokia N8 yet :/

Or maby you can try this :)


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