For anyone experiencing problems with screen orientation N97

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For anyone experiencing problems with screen orientation N97

Post by zmally » Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:16 pm

If anyone still comes over any problems with screen orientation on ScummVM for N97 (And I guess 5800?) I found a perfect solution!!

I simply enabled the accelerometer screen orientation in the phones main settings - which I know drags the battery down - but when in ScummVM everything just works perfectly without the need for any tweaking whatsoever!!

Also, while I'm here, huge masses of KUDOS to all the ScummVM team, particularly the s60 port team. Having Broken Sword working on my phone, with voices and everything, is a dream come true, and I cannot possibly express how grateful I am. Peace out!

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Post by Mataku » Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:40 pm

You ENABLED it? I thought it was enabled by default, hence the problem to begin with. Which isn't really a problem, since it can be fixed for good by pressing a few buttons.

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