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About Loom.

Post by Skarpia »

I am trying to play Loom Fm-towns version.
Its a remasterized version with better sound and better graphics. But no speech. Cd version has speech but less graphics.

Ok, for playing this version in expert mode you have to modify the "boot parameters" to 0-practice mode 1-normal mode 2-expert mode
The original boot parameter is for practice mode, and I want to play expert mode because the game has an extra animation at ending.

Anyone knows how to change that parameters in Scummvm?

Thanks And sorry again for my writting.

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Re: About Loom.

Post by eriktorbjorn »

Skarpia wrote: Anyone knows how to change that parameters in Scummvm?
I don't think there's any user-friendly way to do it, but you should be able to do it from a commant prompt as described in this article.

I guess what ScummVM should do for this particular game is to display a dialog of its own to let the user select difficulty. But I don't know if any of the active developers have this particular game.

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