Installation on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (solved)

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Installation on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (solved)

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so here I am, proud owner of a neat Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I have a huge collection of ScummVM-compatible games, compressed and (of course) also the original disks/cds.
Since I'm new to this Symbian-Stuff, my problems begin at the selection of the right binary to download.
As far as I understand all of this, my 5800 is a S60v5-device, right? So the S60v3-binary won't work, right? (I tried it, while installation it says "incompatible with your phone". After "successful" installation I have a ScummVM Icon in my Programs-Folder, but clicking it just freezes the screen for some seconds, then I'm back at the Programs-Iconlist. Dead end.)
Is there another binary I'm just to stupid to find or do I have to somehow "sign" it, or how do I get it to run?
Do I have to "Hack" my phone, do I have to install some other Programs, or change some settings, is there a "how-to-install-on-my-phone-for-dummies" ?
My 5800 FW is v31.0.101, I have downloaded scummvm-pre1_0_0rcS60v3.sis from the page and I really need some advice on where to begin and how to continue.


---- edit:
After restarting (poweroff, poweron) the device, scummvm started working. Seems strange to me, but WTF....

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Post by Mataku »

should of worked fine right from the get go, but as long as it's solved...

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