5800 XM F-Keys

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5800 XM F-Keys

Post by paulorink »

Hello, this is my first post,

I have just bought a 5800 XM and installed Scumm and Monkey Island 1&2. Unfortunatily I can't save or even quit the game because I dont find the menu which was located at the F5 Key, as far as I remember. How do I get there? Or is there another way to save and get back to the scumm menu?

Greetings Paulo

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Post by Anotherguest »

TAP Square (white) to get the vkb on which you can press '*' as F5. Also FN mode should give the same. (But not tested)

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Post by VeRStie »

just tap the square on the bottom right and press the CUR button, theny press 0 from the virtual keyboard, you can load, save, return to launcher or quit.
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