Random crash related to low battery?

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Random crash related to low battery?

Post by phunimator »

Hi There,

I just wanted to see if anyone else encounters this problem. Basically when using scummvm on my Nokia 5800, for the most part it will play all perfectly, but on occasions it will just crash randomly to the phone home screen, and I will lose all progress of the game I was currently playing.

I also noticed at these times that my phone only had 1 bar of battery life left, so i'd say it is quite obviously related to having low battery when it crashes. Would it be possible in future versions to implement either some kind of warning, i.e when battery life is at 2 bars, or to have a forced save on crash or something? Would make this perfect IMO.

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Post by VeRStie »

I've noticed the same problem on my 5530, you should save your progress when you receive the notification...
You can also try the autosave feature, you can set it to save every # minutes, try to load the autosaved file.
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