mouse sensitivity control in scummvm

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mouse sensitivity control in scummvm

Post by TomVai »

Hi, I have one question/request/suggestion.

I'm a e72 user and the phone has an optical joystick, that acts like a mouse. Now the joystick does work with the scummvm, BUT its sensitivity is way way to low to be useful as a mouse.
Is there a way to increase that sensitivity (to like 10 time more)? And if now, would it be possible to implant that to some next version of the program? There are quite some phones that have optical joystick(SE X1 Xperia, Samsung i8510,...) and mouse sensitivity control would make playing games on those phones much more pleasant.

Just a thought :)

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Post by cosinuz »

I've the same problem! :(
Maybe we can change the sensitivity in a text file or something like that?

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