Monkey island 3 inventory !

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Monkey island 3 inventory !

Post by asdf »

Hello!!how can i open the inventory i cant find the key plz can someone tell me?? :)

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Post by Anotherguest »

Right soft key? '*' key?

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Post by goetz »

I guess I know what the question and the problem are:

Anotherguest, are there any changes in keymappings between 0.13.0 and 0.13.1?

I just installed 0.13.1 (S60v3.2, N85) and found out that the right softkey is not mapped to right click and I cannot even map it to right click. In fact, it seems impossible to map the right softkey to anything at all and it behaves like joystick center in earlier versions. :(

The standard mapping of 0.13.1. (release version) seems to be:

right softkey -> .
left softkey -> left click
joystick center -> left click

I have both tried with the existing scummvm.ini/sdl.ini and newly created files -- same effect.

- Goetz

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Post by Clerk Kent »

Sorry, I had to edit this post...tapping once with one finger and holding for a very brief time and RELEASING appears to be the most reliable way of accessing the inventory screen.

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