Stuttering with The Dig on N78?

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Stuttering with The Dig on N78?

Post by mobilehavoc »

Installed the latest version of ScummVM on my N78 and it launches The Dig fine but noticed there's stuttering of what appears both the audio and visuals in the intro. Is this normal? Are there any specific settings that work best for this game or in general on S60? I had ScummVM on my old iPhone and it ran this stuff fine (granted I know it's a faster device) but this N78 has a 370mhz ARM11 CPU so I would figure it can handle it.

Appreciate any tips.
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Post by Anotherguest »

It can relate to severalthings, I have noticed that the speed of different memorycards can vary quite a bit, also if you have compressed the media (audio) of the game then I guess that also could have an effect.

The intro is just video so streaming there is crucial. Actually I tried video streaming on my 369 mhz 6120 with the qvga version of Big Buck Bunny. First on a 2gb uSD and it was jerky in one way, then I tried it on the same phone with a 6gb hcsd and that worked better, but still jerky but less frequent.

On my Sony Ericsson (208 MHZ) G900 from a 256 MB m2 it plays as smooth as a baby.

So as you can see, CPU speed is NOT all there is. I guess you will have the same from the video intro in Full Throttle also.
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Post by roteero2001 »

indeed I have the same problem with full throttle intro and video sequences on my N95, I have the standard 1gb micro sd that came with it.

can you suggest how to alter compression of full throttle audio files to improve it? I have the original disc and just copy the "resource" folder which contains the whole game as is.
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