Scumm crashes on my Nokia 6110 (navigator) whenever I load

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Scumm crashes on my Nokia 6110 (navigator) whenever I load

Post by leonidas »

I have been able to load the Scumm program onto my Nokia 6110 and it runs ok, but when I try and load a game after transferring the essential files to the memory card it just crashes to the 'my applications' page.
it identifies the game and is aware that it is there, it just doesn't load it.
does any one have any advice?
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Post by md5 »

Which game are you talking about here?
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Post by leonidas »

Ok I have a few (Sam n Max, Beneath a steel sky, day of the tentacle) but to make it easy I thought I would try unstalling Monkey Island 2.
there are several files and I have tried moving all of them into my memory card-

originally i only moved the first 2, though have now been trying to move ALL files, though still to no avail.

the reason I picked this game is as I know it can run on the Navigator as there is a clip on Youtube of a dude playing it.
Why will it identify the game, but just crash when it comes to running it?
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Post by K1000y »

I installed ScummVM to my Nokia N95 8gb. Everytime I start game it crashes. Could someone help what I need to do to get it work

atm I have Monkey Island 1 & 2 + Indy Atlantis on my phone
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Post by Anotherguest »

I tested MISL2 on my 6120 classic yesterday, it crashes (or plainly quits) after intro. Checked the amount of memory.. 8mb free..Thats not near enough to run ScummVM (might load, but not really play) Restarted the phone.. checked memory again.. 17 mb free.. Now the intro ran fine.

So memory is essential, if you have been running lots of other apps, sms etc, the phone might have very little memory left. Whilst it might be enough to start the game, it might quit/exit whenever it gets out of memory.

When I had started MISL2 and the intro and first sequence was over I checked memory and I had around 8 mb free, that means loading, starting latest build with MISL2(as an example) requires at least 8-9 mb.

Fix is to restart the phone, perhaps setting the phone in flightmode might also release some memory.

Some S60 models actually have some extra memory, those are among others N95 8gb (not the first N95), E90, 6220, E71 and all later models (i.e late 2008). Those are equipped with 128 ram which gives you around 64-70 mb free after starting the phone, compared to the 15-20 mb you get from the first S60v3 models.

I thought that the latest version would require more memory than it does, but still one extra mb of memory might have lot of effect on those older S60v3 models.
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Post by K1000y »

I got it working :D

It's been atleast 16 years when I last complited Monkey Island 1 (I may play it on my comp though but now I have something for killing time in my phone)
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Post by Ceri Cat »

My E51 hasn't had the problems, but as I recall it comes with 96 megs of RAM with 50 megs roughly available to apps on boot, while the N95-3 NAM is a 128 with about 80 megs free compared to the first model that only had about 20 megs free of it's 64 megs as you've noticed. Low RAM is always a problem with the earlier S60v3 phones, from mid 2007 this was pretty much fixed, and newer firmware updates for your phones can alleviate your RAM problems as they will reduce the footprint of the Symbian OS according to some reports.
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