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Anotherguest wrote:I have been working on a version SDL where you can adjust the internal media player volume (as its default to 50% in previous versions). So it will be louder with that. As for a s60v2/v1 version of 9.1 with a lter version of SDL ? Well thats doable I think.
Have you created it now?

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Low volume on a 6120c

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First of all, Thanks for the excellent work. All lucas arts fans in Brazil says a big thanks to SCUMM team. An second, sorry for my ignorance. I just want to know how onesandzeroes manage to increse the game volume. I am having the same problem and is impossible to play in a headset.

"Thanks so much for building the volume control into the new SDL - now all the games are clearly audible when using the headset in noisy public environments."

How he did that? Please let me know. How he uses the SDL to increase the volume. (all the volumes are on maximun inside Scumm.)
Please reply.


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* Press green key to activate ctrl mode
* Press up and down on the joystiock to control volume
* Press green key to resumt gameplay

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Thank you very much, you filled my heart with joy again.

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Very late - been on holiday - but yes, as anotherguest says that's all there is to it. Glad that the joy in your heart is loud!

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i'm having a bit of a volume problem too except that my phone is an s60v5 (touchscreen).

i can't do ctrl up because the cur mode does not appear when ctrl is on.

i have maxed out the volume in 'volume' to 256 yet it's still quiet. any help? v1.2.0

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