Broken Sword on Nokia n95

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komatoso wrote:With this version Broken Sword 2 runs fine on n81 but Full full Throttle doesn't work!! :(
The subversion only supports specific games (BS for example), to run "common" Scumm games install the stable version (at time 0.12).

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Need a little help getting the sound working on BS1. I have got the videos working etc, but i cant hear any sound at all (no music, no movie music no speech etc).

I have followed lots of info i can find about how to set up scummvm and BS1 on my s60 phone, but i must be missing something.

I have left scummvm with all the settings as default in the options (do i need to change this?)

Also am running the scummvm-080907-SymbianS60v3_brokensword.sis version of scummvm, and have my directories listed as follows (my version is the origonal version of BS1) ;

----- all .wav files from both cds
----- all .dxa files (in uppercase)
----- all .ogg files (matching names but in lowercase)
- compacts.clu
- general.clu
- ireland.clu
- maps.clu
- paris1.clu
- paris2.clu
- paris3.clu
- paris4.clu
- scotland.clu
- scripts.clu
- spain.clu
- swordres.rif
- syria.clu
- text.clu
- train.clu

Hope someone can help me out.


### EDIT ###

Scratch all that, figured it out =].

Works on the I8510 if anyone wants to know (no touch-btton joystick support as of yet)

Settings fo audio are : PC Speaker - 48Khz

Thanks to the scummVM team for putting this together.

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im new to this forum, but if possible i would like to know how to get broken sword working on my nokia N95 8gb, i have the broken sword trilogy on the PC but not sure how to geyt any of these games working on my nokia.

if some woul would be kind enough to give me a step by step on how to get this working it would be greatly appreciated.

what software do i need to download on my nokia and where can i get this etc etc

any help appreciated

PS, im a bit dense when it comes to tech but really would like to play these on my nokia and you guys seem really clued up.

thanks again.....sorry if this was went on a bit

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