UIQ3 (P1i) and screensaver

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UIQ3 (P1i) and screensaver

Post by ragnar »

I downloaded ScummVM for my P1i today and it works splendidly so far. One thing irritates me, though, and that is that the screensaver kicks in all the time while I'm playing and there is a cutscene or a longish dialog. Do anyone here know of how I might turn this off just for ScummVM? I don't want it to be off elsewhere, so disabling it completely is not an option for me.

And: Thanks for your great work!

EDIT: It's really a screen blanking rather than a screensaver, but it's irritating nevertheless.
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Post by PsYcO »

probably not, but pushing a button periodically should clear it up
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Post by nipsen »

A program with the function you would use for switching the timeout off needs to be symbian signed, I think. If I understood right.

Anyway. I have a shortcut button to "background light" on my standbyscreen. And I usually want the display to switch off after a while anyway, so the pause- animations don't play all evening, and so on, so...
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Post by Anotherguest »

yes thats correct, then every release would have to be signed by Symbian Signed before anyone could install and use the application, that is, if it would PASS the tests.

As usual when porting generic application code that does not really suite the Symbian way of doing things, the Symbian Signed is really only an obstacle.

Of course anyone installing ScummVM on their phones, do so on their own risk, but I have no ambition to cause any data loss, or strange effects on the phone functionality.
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Post by Rollkragen »

but can I, otherwise, deactivate the screensaver in the menue on a p1i?
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Post by Noelemahc »

Don't know about the P1i, but you can't do it on a W950. I kinda got used to flicking the left-mouse-button to right-mouse-button switch every so often to keep it from blanking.
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