P910 works great, but the Keyborad?

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P910 works great, but the Keyborad?

Post by Simara » Sun Nov 13, 2005 5:26 pm

Firsto of all, the build works great on the P910, but it seems I'm not able to use the P910 keyboard (non virtual, real keyboard) for save game names, of for regular imput (I can use the small under the screen predefined keyboard that comes with scummvm, but this would make it easier)

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Post by Anotherguest » Sun Nov 13, 2005 5:33 pm

Well the built-in keyboard on the P910 is NOT a keyboard as you thought it is. It is NOT the same as the keyboard on the S80 phones for example, it is tied to a special input system called FEP (Front End Processor) and only gives keyevents not up and down.

1. Special handling has to be made to activate the input from the keyboard (which will also activate HWR) and slowdown the screenpdates with a flickery arrow
2. Simulatee a keyup event.

But.. the good news is that something like this has been activated on the CE versions of scummvm, so I might be able to activate it for special textinputs, but there has been problems with it lately so work in progress, well on the CE version that is.

But I will have it in mind.

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