[Nokia E71 & E72] Problem with build 1.8.1

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[Nokia E71 & E72] Problem with build 1.8.1

Post by Joni »

I recently went back to using my old Nokia E71 and E72 phones and when I try to launch scummvm 1.8.1 on E71 or E72 I get error message "feature not supported" for both ScummVM 1 and ScummVM 2.

Build 1.6.0 works fine on both phones. I also flashed E72 to get a clean install, but still the same error with 1.8.1.

I also tried "scummvm-140607-SymbianS60v3_split" from sourceforge, but it has the same problem.

Btw, huge thanks for porting this to Symbian. I't feels amazing to be able to play old LucasArts classics with a phone like E71 & E72.
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Re: [Nokia E71 & E72] Problem with build 1.8.1

Post by zolimax »

I have totaly the same problem on E52.
I tried 1.8 and 1.7 builds, but all the same.
Also, I have googled, for some others applications with the same error message, was solution to install PIPS or GameAPI. I tried, but no result. So, may be some another library we need?
I don't know..
If anyone knows, please help. :roll:
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