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You're probably right, I've reposted the bug as a new thread.
So it's better to find for users who have the same problem - or a solution . :D
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yeah, i got this bug too. but it's very rare...
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sir dave thanx for the guide, it helped me a lot.

to show my graditude ill try to help and post an addon to your guide in this massage (you can edit it into your next revision with no credits needed)

The Feeble Files

dont know if the game works yet..

note1: this guide is for the 4cd version, it should also work on the 2cd (theoreticly!) without any changes (the ammount of the files will change tough and the bach process will just skip the unnecessery files).
about the mac and amiga versions, well sorry i dont know..

note2: it is very possible that you would have problems if you use this guide on a fat32 hard drive (i had problems), so if you cannot acsess another drive, you will have to split the chores i gave you. (or convert this one, for example if you use this drive for games like daggerfall that just get buggy on ntfs, or if you have an old win98 or even 95)

note3: i got some help from two forum members "whatever" and "eriktorbjorn" and i also looked for a bit of help from "hmfynn"'s guide

that is a though one, i mean it take a lot of space, and a lot of work (ecpessialy if you dont have the batch file ill provide you with), truly the most hard to process game, and although you will have an easy time doing what ill tell you to, it will take a lot of time for your comp to compress all the files.

the good/bad news are that you have to compress the movie files so that the game will work, it wont work without them (wich is bad) and it wont work with them in the uncompressed format (smk, wich is good, couse what you have to do to save space other scumm users have to do anyway :P)

ok before you start make sure you have the compress_simon file in your scumm directory, and of course lame.exe.

now trust me on that, you will want to create a subfolder in the scumm folder, call it "smk" for example, create a copy of lame.exe, compress_simon and put the copies in this folder (with the original names, not "copy of lame.exe"..)
also you will need one additional tool from scumm tools, its the
"encode_dxa" tool, put it into the smk subfolder.

you will also need "The RAD Video Tools":
download and install anywere you want.

now you will have to install the game from the first cd, just install anywere you want :)

from the installed folder and from every cd copy all the files that end with the *.smk extension to your smk folder (except disk1.smk, disk2.smk, disk3.smk, disk4.smk) , you should have 234 smk files (some reapear in several cd's)

from each cd, copy the voices.wav to the smk folder and rename to voices[num].wav ([num] represent the number of the cd the file is from, voices.wav from cd1 will become voices1.wav)

you can copy the next files directly to your feeble files folder on the pocketpc:
1) all the *vga files from the installed folder of feeble files and from each cd (some files repeat..) (1055 files)
2) from the installed folder files: GAME22, save.999, TBLLIST
3) from the installed folder all the files that start with TABLES (25 files)

now you can uninstall the game from the pc...

it is now the compressing stage

first create a batch file in the smk folder for future use, name it however you like (mine is feeble.bat), it should look like that:

@echo Starting Compression...
compress_simon.exe Voices1.wav
compress_simon.exe Voices2.wav
compress_simon.exe Voices3.wav
compress_simon.exe Voices4.wav
encode_dxa agent32
encode_dxa Airlock
encode_dxa Allcreds
encode_dxa Allships
encode_dxa Anlstink
encode_dxa Badluck
encode_dxa bentalk1
encode_dxa bentalk2
encode_dxa bentalk3
encode_dxa BigFight
encode_dxa biktomb1
encode_dxa biktomb2
encode_dxa BLOWLAB
encode_dxa breakdown
encode_dxa bridge
encode_dxa BR-J1
encode_dxa button1
encode_dxa button2
encode_dxa Cardlift
encode_dxa cargo
encode_dxa cartomb1
encode_dxa cartomb2
encode_dxa Charisma
encode_dxa chute1
encode_dxa Clossmok
encode_dxa Closvent
encode_dxa COACH
encode_dxa Cola1
encode_dxa Colatalk
encode_dxa cygnus1
encode_dxa cygnus2
encode_dxa cygnus3
encode_dxa D5rklrs
encode_dxa DIA-J3
encode_dxa downtube
encode_dxa dream
encode_dxa dwarf
encode_dxa escape1
encode_dxa escape2
encode_dxa FASALL
encode_dxa fbikewurb
encode_dxa feebdel
encode_dxa Feebohno
encode_dxa feebpump
encode_dxa feefone1
encode_dxa feefone2
encode_dxa Fmain
encode_dxa founder2
encode_dxa founder3
encode_dxa founder4
encode_dxa frog
encode_dxa fxmadsam
encode_dxa fxwakeup
encode_dxa Gasout2
encode_dxa gate
encode_dxa "Get Car"
encode_dxa getaxe
encode_dxa getbrain
encode_dxa getlift
encode_dxa goblin
encode_dxa Grenboom
encode_dxa Grengas
encode_dxa icetrench
encode_dxa intomb1
encode_dxa intomb2
encode_dxa J1-BR
encode_dxa J1BR-J2
encode_dxa J1J2-BR
encode_dxa J1-J2
encode_dxa J2J1-J3
encode_dxa J2J1-RTA
encode_dxa J2J3-J1
encode_dxa J2J3-RTA
encode_dxa J2-J1
encode_dxa J2-J3
encode_dxa J2-RTA
encode_dxa J2RTA-J1
encode_dxa J2RTA-J3
encode_dxa J2-rtap
encode_dxa J3-DIA
encode_dxa J3DIA-J2
encode_dxa J3DIA-MA
encode_dxa J3J2-DIA
encode_dxa J3-J2
encode_dxa J3-MA
encode_dxa J3MA-DIA
encode_dxa J3-manv
encode_dxa Jackpot
encode_dxa Kickass
encode_dxa killpeg
encode_dxa knockout
encode_dxa labocto
encode_dxa lift1
encode_dxa lift2
encode_dxa longfeeb
encode_dxa Lookbrai
encode_dxa Mainmin
encode_dxa MA-J3
encode_dxa MArrive
encode_dxa maznat
encode_dxa meetsquid
encode_dxa MfBike1
encode_dxa MfBike2
encode_dxa MfBike3
encode_dxa MfBike4
encode_dxa MfBike5
encode_dxa MfBike6
encode_dxa MfBike7
encode_dxa MfBike8
encode_dxa MfBike10
encode_dxa MfBike11
encode_dxa MfBike12
encode_dxa MfBike13
encode_dxa MfCar2
encode_dxa MfCar3
encode_dxa MfCar4
encode_dxa MfCar5
encode_dxa MfCar6
encode_dxa mflirt
encode_dxa mfxHappy
encode_dxa MG1die
encode_dxa MG1shoot
encode_dxa MG2die
encode_dxa MG2shoot
encode_dxa MG3die
encode_dxa MG3shoot
encode_dxa MG4die
encode_dxa MG4shoot
encode_dxa MG5die
encode_dxa MG5shoot
encode_dxa MG6die
encode_dxa MG6shoot
encode_dxa MG7die
encode_dxa MG7shoot
encode_dxa MG8die
encode_dxa MG8shoot
encode_dxa Mix_Feeb1
encode_dxa Mix_Feeb2
encode_dxa Mix_Feeb3
encode_dxa Mix_Guardscn
encode_dxa Mix_Snip1
encode_dxa Mix_Snip2
encode_dxa Mix_Snip3
encode_dxa Mix_Snip4
encode_dxa Mix_Snip5
encode_dxa Mix_Snip6
encode_dxa Mix_Snip7
encode_dxa Mix_Snip8
encode_dxa Mlights1
encode_dxa MLights2
encode_dxa mpland1
encode_dxa mpland2
encode_dxa mplndcar
encode_dxa MProtest
encode_dxa mptocar
encode_dxa mptoff1
encode_dxa mptoff2
encode_dxa Mudfin
encode_dxa mudman
encode_dxa munlock
encode_dxa MUS5P2
encode_dxa MUSOSP1
encode_dxa newcredits
encode_dxa Nextdoor
encode_dxa Niceone
encode_dxa oldpills2
encode_dxa Omenter
encode_dxa Omnicofe
encode_dxa Omnitoy
encode_dxa Openvent
encode_dxa OUTMIN~1
encode_dxa Pegpatrl
encode_dxa prisontile
encode_dxa Qtime
encode_dxa Readbook
encode_dxa RebelHQ2
encode_dxa Rebelhq
encode_dxa Reedin
encode_dxa rescue1
encode_dxa rescue2
encode_dxa Ropchai
encode_dxa Rope1
encode_dxa Rope2
encode_dxa Round1
encode_dxa Round2
encode_dxa Round3
encode_dxa Round4
encode_dxa Round5
encode_dxa Round6
encode_dxa RTA-J2
encode_dxa Rtap-j2
encode_dxa samcar
encode_dxa Samdead
encode_dxa scanner
encode_dxa SE-J1
encode_dxa shrtfeeb
encode_dxa Sleepy
encode_dxa sorceror
encode_dxa spitbrai
encode_dxa Start1
encode_dxa start
encode_dxa statue1
encode_dxa statue2
encode_dxa sva1
encode_dxa sva2
encode_dxa Swamp
encode_dxa Teeter
encode_dxa Temple2
encode_dxa Temple3
encode_dxa Temple4
encode_dxa Temple5
encode_dxa Temple6
encode_dxa Temple7
encode_dxa Temple8
encode_dxa Tic-tac2
encode_dxa torture
encode_dxa transmit
encode_dxa Typey
encode_dxa Vent1
encode_dxa Vent2
encode_dxa ventfall
encode_dxa ventoff
encode_dxa Ventop1
encode_dxa VENTOP2
encode_dxa vidspin1
encode_dxa vidspin2
encode_dxa virtua
encode_dxa wasting
encode_dxa whowhat
encode_dxa WINASOFT
encode_dxa wizard
encode_dxa wurbatak
encode_dxa wurbs1
encode_dxa wurbs2
@echo Finished!

yep its damn long.....

now before we start, you smk directory is going to have a lot of files, i mean it, A LOT!! so it will be wise before you start the next process to "arrange icons by type" for a fast and easy use later..

open the start menu - Bink and Smacker - Rad Video Tools
push the "Batch" button
copy everything between the next lines:
make sure the directory stated (cd c:\scumm\smk) is the directory of your files (if not change accordingly..)

cd c:\scumm\smk
BinkConv agent32.smk agent32.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Airlock.smk Airlock.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Allcreds.smk Allcreds.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Allships.smk Allships.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Anlstink.smk Anlstink.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Badluck.smk Badluck.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv bentalk1.smk bentalk1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv bentalk2.smk bentalk2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv bentalk3.smk bentalk3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv BigFight.smk BigFight.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv biktomb1.smk biktomb1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv biktomb2.smk biktomb2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv BLOWLAB.SMK BLOWLAB.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv breakdown.smk breakdown.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv bridge.smk bridge.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv BR-J1.SMK BR-J1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv button1.smk button1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv button2.smk button2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Cardlift.smk Cardlift.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv cargo.smk cargo.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv cartomb1.smk cartomb1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv cartomb2.smk cartomb2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Charisma.smk Charisma.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv chute1.smk chute1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Clossmok.smk Clossmok.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Closvent.smk Closvent.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv COACH.SMK COACH.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Cola1.smk Cola1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Colatalk.smk Colatalk.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv cygnus1.smk cygnus1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv cygnus2.smk cygnus2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv cygnus3.smk cygnus3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv D5rklrs.smk D5rklrs.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv DIA-J3.SMK DIA-J3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv downtube.smk downtube.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv dream.smk dream.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv dwarf.smk dwarf.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv escape1.smk escape1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv escape2.smk escape2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv FASALL.SMK FASALL.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv fbikewurb.smk fbikewurb.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv feebdel.smk feebdel.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Feebohno.smk Feebohno.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv feebpump.smk feebpump.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv feefone1.smk feefone1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv feefone2.smk feefone2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Fmain.smk Fmain.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv founder2.smk founder2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv founder3.smk founder3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv founder4.smk founder4.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv frog.smk frog.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv fxmadsam.smk fxmadsam.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv fxwakeup.smk fxwakeup.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Gasout2.smk Gasout2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv gate.smk gate.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv "Get Car.smk" "Get Car.png" /n-1 /z1
BinkConv getaxe.smk getaxe.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv getbrain.smk getbrain.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv getlift.smk getlift.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv goblin.smk goblin.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Grenboom.smk Grenboom.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Grengas.smk Grengas.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv icetrench.smk icetrench.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv intomb1.smk intomb1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv intomb2.smk intomb2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J1-BR.SMK J1-BR.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J1BR-J2.SMK J1BR-J2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J1J2-BR.SMK J1J2-BR.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J1-J2.SMK J1-J2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J2J1-J3.SMK J2J1-J3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J2J1-RTA.SMK J2J1-RTA.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J2J3-J1.SMK J2J3-J1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J2J3-RTA.SMK J2J3-RTA.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J2-J1.SMK J2-J1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J2-J3.SMK J2-J3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J2-RTA.SMK J2-RTA.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J2RTA-J1.SMK J2RTA-J1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J2RTA-J3.SMK J2RTA-J3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J2-rtap.smk J2-rtap.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J3-DIA.SMK J3-DIA.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J3DIA-J2.SMK J3DIA-J2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J3DIA-MA.SMK J3DIA-MA.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J3J2-DIA.SMK J3J2-DIA.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J3-J2.SMK J3-J2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J3-MA.SMK J3-MA.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J3MA-DIA.SMK J3MA-DIA.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv J3-manv.smk J3-manv.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Jackpot.smk Jackpot.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Kickass.smk Kickass.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv killpeg.smk killpeg.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv knockout.smk knockout.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv labocto.smk labocto.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv lift1.smk lift1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv lift2.smk lift2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv longfeeb.smk longfeeb.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Lookbrai.smk Lookbrai.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mainmin.smk Mainmin.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MA-J3.SMK MA-J3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MArrive.smk MArrive.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv maznat.smk maznat.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv meetsquid.smk meetsquid.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike1.smk MfBike1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike2.smk MfBike2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike3.smk MfBike3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike4.smk MfBike4.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike5.smk MfBike5.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike6.smk MfBike6.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike7.smk MfBike7.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike8.smk MfBike8.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike10.smk MfBike10.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike11.smk MfBike11.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike12.smk MfBike12.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfBike13.smk MfBike13.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfCar2.smk MfCar2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfCar3.smk MfCar3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfCar4.smk MfCar4.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfCar5.smk MfCar5.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MfCar6.smk MfCar6.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv mflirt.smk mflirt.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv mfxHappy.smk mfxHappy.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG1die.smk MG1die.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG1shoot.smk MG1shoot.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG2die.smk MG2die.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG2shoot.smk MG2shoot.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG3die.smk MG3die.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG3shoot.smk MG3shoot.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG4die.smk MG4die.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG4shoot.smk MG4shoot.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG5die.smk MG5die.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG5shoot.smk MG5shoot.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG6die.smk MG6die.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG6shoot.smk MG6shoot.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG7die.smk MG7die.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG7shoot.smk MG7shoot.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG8die.smk MG8die.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MG8shoot.smk MG8shoot.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Feeb1.smk Mix_Feeb1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Feeb2.smk Mix_Feeb2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Feeb3.smk Mix_Feeb3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Guardscn.smk Mix_Guardscn.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip1.smk Mix_Snip1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip2.smk Mix_Snip2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip3.smk Mix_Snip3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip4.smk Mix_Snip4.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip5.smk Mix_Snip5.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip6.smk Mix_Snip6.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip7.smk Mix_Snip7.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip8.smk Mix_Snip8.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mlights1.smk Mlights1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MLights2.smk MLights2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv mpland1.smk mpland1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv mpland2.smk mpland2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv mplndcar.smk mplndcar.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MProtest.smk MProtest.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv mptocar.smk mptocar.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv mptoff1.smk mptoff1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv mptoff2.smk mptoff2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Mudfin.smk Mudfin.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv mudman.smk mudman.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv munlock.smk munlock.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MUS5P2.SMK MUS5P2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv MUSOSP1.SMK MUSOSP1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv newcredits.smk newcredits.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Nextdoor.smk Nextdoor.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Niceone.smk Niceone.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv oldpills2.smk oldpills2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Omenter.smk Omenter.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Omnicofe.smk Omnicofe.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Omnitoy.smk Omnitoy.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Openvent.smk Openvent.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv OUTMIN~1.SMK OUTMIN~1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Pegpatrl.smk Pegpatrl.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv prisontile.smk prisontile.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Qtime.smk Qtime.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Readbook.smk Readbook.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv RebelHQ2.smk RebelHQ2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Rebelhq.smk Rebelhq.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Reedin.smk Reedin.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv rescue1.smk rescue1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv rescue2.smk rescue2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Ropchai.smk Ropchai.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Rope1.smk Rope1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Rope2.smk Rope2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Round1.smk Round1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Round2.smk Round2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Round3.smk Round3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Round4.smk Round4.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Round5.smk Round5.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Round6.smk Round6.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv RTA-J2.SMK RTA-J2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Rtap-j2.smk Rtap-j2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv samcar.smk samcar.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Samdead.smk Samdead.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv scanner.smk scanner.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv SE-J1.SMK SE-J1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv shrtfeeb.smk shrtfeeb.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Sleepy.smk Sleepy.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv sorceror.smk sorceror.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv spitbrai.smk spitbrai.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Start1.smk Start1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv start.smk start.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv statue1.smk statue1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv statue2.smk statue2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv sva1.smk sva1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv sva2.smk sva2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Swamp.smk Swamp.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Teeter.smk Teeter.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Temple2.smk Temple2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Temple3.smk Temple3.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Temple4.smk Temple4.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Temple5.smk Temple5.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Temple6.smk Temple6.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Temple7.smk Temple7.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Temple8.smk Temple8.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Tic-tac2.smk Tic-tac2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv torture.smk torture.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv transmit.smk transmit.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Typey.smk Typey.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Vent1.smk Vent1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Vent2.smk Vent2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv ventfall.smk ventfall.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv ventoff.smk ventoff.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv Ventop1.smk Ventop1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv VENTOP2.SMK VENTOP2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv vidspin1.smk vidspin1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv vidspin2.smk vidspin2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv virtua.smk virtua.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv wasting.smk wasting.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv whowhat.smk whowhat.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv WINASOFT.SMK WINASOFT.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv wizard.smk wizard.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv wurbatak.smk wurbatak.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv wurbs1.smk wurbs1.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv wurbs2.smk wurbs2.png /n-1 /z1
BinkConv agent32.smk agent32.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Airlock.smk Airlock.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Allcreds.smk Allcreds.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Allships.smk Allships.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Anlstink.smk Anlstink.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Badluck.smk Badluck.wav /v /z1
BinkConv bentalk1.smk bentalk1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv bentalk2.smk bentalk2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv bentalk3.smk bentalk3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv BigFight.smk BigFight.wav /v /z1
BinkConv biktomb1.smk biktomb1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv biktomb2.smk biktomb2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv BLOWLAB.SMK BLOWLAB.wav /v /z1
BinkConv breakdown.smk breakdown.wav /v /z1
BinkConv bridge.smk bridge.wav /v /z1
BinkConv BR-J1.SMK BR-J1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv button1.smk button1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv button2.smk button2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Cardlift.smk Cardlift.wav /v /z1
BinkConv cargo.smk cargo.wav /v /z1
BinkConv cartomb1.smk cartomb1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv cartomb2.smk cartomb2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Charisma.smk Charisma.wav /v /z1
BinkConv chute1.smk chute1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Clossmok.smk Clossmok.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Closvent.smk Closvent.wav /v /z1
BinkConv COACH.SMK COACH.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Cola1.smk Cola1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Colatalk.smk Colatalk.wav /v /z1
BinkConv cygnus1.smk cygnus1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv cygnus2.smk cygnus2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv cygnus3.smk cygnus3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv D5rklrs.smk D5rklrs.wav /v /z1
BinkConv DIA-J3.SMK DIA-J3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv downtube.smk downtube.wav /v /z1
BinkConv dream.smk dream.wav /v /z1
BinkConv dwarf.smk dwarf.wav /v /z1
BinkConv escape1.smk escape1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv escape2.smk escape2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv FASALL.SMK FASALL.wav /v /z1
BinkConv fbikewurb.smk fbikewurb.wav /v /z1
BinkConv feebdel.smk feebdel.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Feebohno.smk Feebohno.wav /v /z1
BinkConv feebpump.smk feebpump.wav /v /z1
BinkConv feefone1.smk feefone1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv feefone2.smk feefone2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Fmain.smk Fmain.wav /v /z1
BinkConv founder2.smk founder2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv founder3.smk founder3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv founder4.smk founder4.wav /v /z1
BinkConv frog.smk frog.wav /v /z1
BinkConv fxmadsam.smk fxmadsam.wav /v /z1
BinkConv fxwakeup.smk fxwakeup.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Gasout2.smk Gasout2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv gate.smk gate.wav /v /z1
BinkConv "Get Car.smk" "Get Car.wav" /v /z1
BinkConv getaxe.smk getaxe.wav /v /z1
BinkConv getbrain.smk getbrain.wav /v /z1
BinkConv getlift.smk getlift.wav /v /z1
BinkConv goblin.smk goblin.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Grenboom.smk Grenboom.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Grengas.smk Grengas.wav /v /z1
BinkConv icetrench.smk icetrench.wav /v /z1
BinkConv intomb1.smk intomb1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv intomb2.smk intomb2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J1-BR.SMK J1-BR.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J1BR-J2.SMK J1BR-J2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J1J2-BR.SMK J1J2-BR.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J1-J2.SMK J1-J2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J2J1-J3.SMK J2J1-J3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J2J1-RTA.SMK J2J1-RTA.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J2J3-J1.SMK J2J3-J1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J2J3-RTA.SMK J2J3-RTA.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J2-J1.SMK J2-J1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J2-J3.SMK J2-J3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J2-RTA.SMK J2-RTA.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J2RTA-J1.SMK J2RTA-J1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J2RTA-J3.SMK J2RTA-J3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J2-rtap.smk J2-rtap.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J3-DIA.SMK J3-DIA.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J3DIA-J2.SMK J3DIA-J2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J3DIA-MA.SMK J3DIA-MA.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J3J2-DIA.SMK J3J2-DIA.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J3-J2.SMK J3-J2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J3-MA.SMK J3-MA.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J3MA-DIA.SMK J3MA-DIA.wav /v /z1
BinkConv J3-manv.smk J3-manv.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Jackpot.smk Jackpot.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Kickass.smk Kickass.wav /v /z1
BinkConv killpeg.smk killpeg.wav /v /z1
BinkConv knockout.smk knockout.wav /v /z1
BinkConv labocto.smk labocto.wav /v /z1
BinkConv lift1.smk lift1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv lift2.smk lift2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv longfeeb.smk longfeeb.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Lookbrai.smk Lookbrai.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mainmin.smk Mainmin.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MA-J3.SMK MA-J3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MArrive.smk MArrive.wav /v /z1
BinkConv maznat.smk maznat.wav /v /z1
BinkConv meetsquid.smk meetsquid.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike1.smk MfBike1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike2.smk MfBike2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike3.smk MfBike3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike4.smk MfBike4.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike5.smk MfBike5.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike6.smk MfBike6.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike7.smk MfBike7.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike8.smk MfBike8.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike10.smk MfBike10.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike11.smk MfBike11.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike12.smk MfBike12.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfBike13.smk MfBike13.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfCar2.smk MfCar2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfCar3.smk MfCar3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfCar4.smk MfCar4.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfCar5.smk MfCar5.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MfCar6.smk MfCar6.wav /v /z1
BinkConv mflirt.smk mflirt.wav /v /z1
BinkConv mfxHappy.smk mfxHappy.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG1die.smk MG1die.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG1shoot.smk MG1shoot.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG2die.smk MG2die.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG2shoot.smk MG2shoot.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG3die.smk MG3die.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG3shoot.smk MG3shoot.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG4die.smk MG4die.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG4shoot.smk MG4shoot.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG5die.smk MG5die.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG5shoot.smk MG5shoot.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG6die.smk MG6die.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG6shoot.smk MG6shoot.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG7die.smk MG7die.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG7shoot.smk MG7shoot.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG8die.smk MG8die.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MG8shoot.smk MG8shoot.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Feeb1.smk Mix_Feeb1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Feeb2.smk Mix_Feeb2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Feeb3.smk Mix_Feeb3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Guardscn.smk Mix_Guardscn.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip1.smk Mix_Snip1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip2.smk Mix_Snip2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip3.smk Mix_Snip3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip4.smk Mix_Snip4.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip5.smk Mix_Snip5.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip6.smk Mix_Snip6.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip7.smk Mix_Snip7.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mix_Snip8.smk Mix_Snip8.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mlights1.smk Mlights1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MLights2.smk MLights2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv mpland1.smk mpland1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv mpland2.smk mpland2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv mplndcar.smk mplndcar.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MProtest.smk MProtest.wav /v /z1
BinkConv mptocar.smk mptocar.wav /v /z1
BinkConv mptoff1.smk mptoff1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv mptoff2.smk mptoff2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Mudfin.smk Mudfin.wav /v /z1
BinkConv mudman.smk mudman.wav /v /z1
BinkConv munlock.smk munlock.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MUS5P2.SMK MUS5P2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv MUSOSP1.SMK MUSOSP1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv newcredits.smk newcredits.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Nextdoor.smk Nextdoor.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Niceone.smk Niceone.wav /v /z1
BinkConv oldpills2.smk oldpills2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Omenter.smk Omenter.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Omnicofe.smk Omnicofe.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Omnitoy.smk Omnitoy.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Openvent.smk Openvent.wav /v /z1
BinkConv OUTMIN~1.SMK OUTMIN~1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Pegpatrl.smk Pegpatrl.wav /v /z1
BinkConv prisontile.smk prisontile.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Qtime.smk Qtime.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Readbook.smk Readbook.wav /v /z1
BinkConv RebelHQ2.smk RebelHQ2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Rebelhq.smk Rebelhq.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Reedin.smk Reedin.wav /v /z1
BinkConv rescue1.smk rescue1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv rescue2.smk rescue2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Ropchai.smk Ropchai.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Rope1.smk Rope1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Rope2.smk Rope2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Round1.smk Round1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Round2.smk Round2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Round3.smk Round3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Round4.smk Round4.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Round5.smk Round5.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Round6.smk Round6.wav /v /z1
BinkConv RTA-J2.SMK RTA-J2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Rtap-j2.smk Rtap-j2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv samcar.smk samcar.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Samdead.smk Samdead.wav /v /z1
BinkConv scanner.smk scanner.wav /v /z1
BinkConv SE-J1.SMK SE-J1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv shrtfeeb.smk shrtfeeb.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Sleepy.smk Sleepy.wav /v /z1
BinkConv sorceror.smk sorceror.wav /v /z1
BinkConv spitbrai.smk spitbrai.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Start1.smk Start1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv start.smk start.wav /v /z1
BinkConv statue1.smk statue1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv statue2.smk statue2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv sva1.smk sva1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv sva2.smk sva2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Swamp.smk Swamp.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Teeter.smk Teeter.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Temple2.smk Temple2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Temple3.smk Temple3.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Temple4.smk Temple4.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Temple5.smk Temple5.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Temple6.smk Temple6.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Temple7.smk Temple7.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Temple8.smk Temple8.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Tic-tac2.smk Tic-tac2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv torture.smk torture.wav /v /z1
BinkConv transmit.smk transmit.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Typey.smk Typey.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Vent1.smk Vent1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Vent2.smk Vent2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv ventfall.smk ventfall.wav /v /z1
BinkConv ventoff.smk ventoff.wav /v /z1
BinkConv Ventop1.smk Ventop1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv VENTOP2.SMK VENTOP2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv vidspin1.smk vidspin1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv vidspin2.smk vidspin2.wav /v /z1
BinkConv virtua.smk virtua.wav /v /z1
BinkConv wasting.smk wasting.wav /v /z1
BinkConv whowhat.smk whowhat.wav /v /z1
BinkConv wizard.smk wizard.wav /v /z1
BinkConv wurbatak.smk wurbatak.wav /v /z1
BinkConv wurbs1.smk wurbs1.wav /v /z1
BinkConv wurbs2.smk wurbs2.wav /v /z1

click on "Start"
and go and rest for a while it will take time...

when the process is finished execute your batch file (the one that i named feeble.bat)

now go and rest again (this time it should take even longer)

when the process is finished (at last) copy all the mp3 files (238) and dxa files (234) to your feeble files game directory in your pocketpc

now you probably understand why the separate smk directory (so that you wont have to dig for all those thousents of files to delete)
just delete the whole directory from the hard drive, and then from the recycle bin.

Unfortunatly i dont know how much space the game will take, because i passed all the files to the pocket pc and accidently deleted the files on the comp, there is no way for me to check the space amount without copying the files to the comp, since the game does take about 2gb (yes thats right) it will be a hell.

so any report on the subject will be welcome.

what i can tell you is that i think you can play the game witouth any sounds (deleting all the mp3 that where created in the guide), or you can make a game without the four voices#.mp3 files.. bau still the game will take abput 1.5 gb..


Full Throttle

game works from the beginning to the end, with only serious control problems (the driving is a living hell) and, at onetime i had a memory crush, but i restarted the proggram and it worked fine.. enjoy!

also notice that my guide is not written out of knowlege but out of logic, i know nothing about the scumm engine and im im new to the emulator itself, so it is recommend to maybe wait for sir dave to edit my guide

readers use your imagination, when i say that you need to compress the monster. sou it means that you need to repeat the process described in the guide.

before we start with the compressing make sure to delete all the unnesesery files, use this link:

it seems that the game is a combo of a "sam & max" like voice and music storage, with "the dig"s video and data storage, so you wont use the
but rather the

take out the monster.sue file and compress it as described in the guide
(i had problems with the lame linked in the guide so i used google and download a higher version)

when your finished follow a process similar to that describd in "the dig"
only you have to copie Videao AND Data folders
and createa Vid Dat folder

here are the contens of the batch file:

@echo Starting Compress...
compress_scumm_san 2009_10.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san ACCIDENT.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san BARKDOG.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san BC.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san BENBURN.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san BENESCPE.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san BENHANG.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san BIGBLOW.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san BOLUSKIL.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san BURST.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san BURSTDOG.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san CABSTRUG.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san CES_NITE.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san CREDITS.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san DAZED.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san ESCPPLNE.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san FANSTOP.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san FI_14_15.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san FIRE.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san FLINCH.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san FULPLANE.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san GOTCHA.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san GR_LOS.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san GR_WIN.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san INTO_FAN.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san INTRO4.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san INTROD_8.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san JG.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san JUMPGORG.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san KICK_OFF.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san KILLGULL.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san KR.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san KS_1.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san KS_11.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san KS_111.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san KS_IV.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san KS_V.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san KS_X.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san MO_FUME.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san MOEJECT.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san MOREACH.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san MWC.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san NAMES_MO.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san NB_BLOW.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san NITEFADE.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san NITERIDE.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san NTREACT.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san OFFGOGG.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san OM.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san REALRIDE.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san REV.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san RIDEAWAY.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san RIDEOUT.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san RIP_KILL.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san RIPBROW.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san RIPSHIFT.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san SCRAPBOT.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san SEEN_RIP.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san SHEFALLS.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san SHORTOPN.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san SHOWSMRK.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san SHOWUP1.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san SNAPFOTO.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san SNSETRDE.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san SQUINT.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san TC.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san TEETBURN.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san TINYPLNE.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san TINYTRUK.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san TOKCRGO.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san TRKCRSH.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san VISION.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san WEREINIT.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san WHIP_PAN.SAN Video Vide
compress_scumm_san BENFLIP.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san CHASOUT.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san CHASTHRU.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san FISHFEAR.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san FISHGOG2.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san FISHGOGG.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san GETNITRO.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san HITDUST1.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san HITDUST2.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san HITDUST3.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san HITDUST4.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san LIFTBORD.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san LIFTCHAY.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san LIFTGOG.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san LIFTMACE.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san LIFTSAW.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san LIMOCRSH.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san MINEDRIV.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san MINEEXIT.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san MINEFITE.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san ROTTFITE.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san ROTTFLIP.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san ROTTOPEN.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san TOMINE.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san TORANCH.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san TOVISTA1.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san TOVISTA2.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san VISTTHRU.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san WR2_BEN.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san WR2_BENC.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san WR2_BENR.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san WR2_BENV.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san WR2_CAVE.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san WR2_CVKO.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san WR2_ROTT.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san WR2_VLTC.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san WR2_VLTP.SAN Data Dat
compress_scumm_san WR2_VLTS.SAN Data Dat
@echo Finished!

*note that the guide is outdated and the new scumm tools contain a program named:
and not
thus the batch file is different, so either download the new tools or if it pussible (i think it should work) rename compress_san.exe

now take all the files from video that are not ".san" files and put them into the vid folder
do the same with the data and dat folder, return the folders to the game folder, rename back to data and video.
the video folder should contain 165 files
and the data folder 86
NOTICE: some files are recreated in the process of converting, so when asked if you want to overwrite choose NO, the game will work either way but will crush at some points if you overwrite

the game should take about 273 mb
without compression the game takes about 493 mb

copy to your pocketpc and enjoy!


1) Map a Keyboard key, it will be essecional in the motofights, and as an easy way to bring up inventory (pressing I)
2) to use the inventory double tap on the character (somethimes you will need to triple tap :) )
3) might be a good idea to map a "free look" key, because when you are on the bike any click on the screen gets you off, and sometimes you want to view where to go
4) could be a good idea too skip a part of the game with a cheat (i mean the car crush riding, and or the cave road), to do that map the "FT cheat" button and use it.

p.s. sir dave, i think the guide should contain all the games even those that dont need additional work, just to expain what files are to be deleted.
and this guide with a bit of modifications can be used for all scummvm users, so what if todays hard drives contain about 300 gb.
Be Vigilent errrr i mean efficient!
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Post by knakos »

Black Mage wrote:p.s. sir dave, i think the guide should contain all the games even those that dont need additional work, just to expain what files are to be deleted.
and this guide with a bit of modifications can be used for all scummvm users, so what if todays hard drives contain about 300 gb.
It's certainly applicable, to some extent, to all scummvm ports. I'd like to raise the issue again of adding this fine document into our Wiki and maintaining it there. What do you think SirDave?
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Post by SirDave »

knakos wrote:
Black Mage wrote:p.s. sir dave, i think the guide should contain all the games even those that dont need additional work, just to expain what files are to be deleted.
and this guide with a bit of modifications can be used for all scummvm users, so what if todays hard drives contain about 300 gb.
It's certainly applicable, to some extent, to all scummvm ports. I'd like to raise the issue again of adding this fine document into our Wiki and maintaining it there. What do you think SirDave?
Thanks! What I'd like to do is do one more revision to bring it up to date with the changes that have occurred with Version 0.9 and then that might be a good time to add it to the Wiki.

FWIW: Adding the numbers from its old home on PocketMatrix and the numbers here, the manual has now well exceeded 100,000 hits!
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Post by SirDave »

Black Mage:

Thanks for the Full Throttle info. I actually have already done some of the testing of it, but just haven't got around to putting it in the manual. The biggest job is printing out the BAT file which you have done above so that will be big help. Thanks!
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Post by knakos »

Ok SirDave, please PM or email me when you feel up to the task :)

It's no wonder your guide is so popular, it's great work!

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Post by Black Mage »

im glad i could help :)
ill add info about other games, hope it will also help :)
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Post by MagooChris »

Most current PocketPCs use the same key codes (the code transmitted
when each key is pressed). The key codes are:

Calendar (Hard Key 1 or F1): 011a
Contacts (Hard Key 2 or F2): 011b
Inbox (Hard Key 3 or F3): 011c
ArrowKey (Up Arrow) (Hard Key 4 or F4): 011d

Up: 0111, Down: 0112, Right: 0113, Left: 0114

When you map or assign keys the normal way, the key codes are stored
in the file, SCUMMVM.INI, in your main PocketScumm directory.
Open SCUMMVM.INI with the Notepad and note the part of the file with
the heading:

[pocket pc]
underwhich is the line:
action_mapping=0000 0000 0000 000 000 000 000 000 000 etc.
it seems that in v9.1 at least the order of the keys have changed in the ini file:

00. Pause
01. Save
02. Quit
03. Skip
04. Hide
05. Keybaord
06. Sound
07. Right Click
08. Cursor
09. Free Look
10. Zoom Up
11. Zoom Down
12. FT Cheat
13. Bind Keys
14. Up
15. Down
16. Left
17. Right
18. Left Click
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Post by SirDave »

Sorry for the belated reply:

Thanks for the info MagooChris. I'm due to do a major revision of the Manual- hopefully I can get to it over the holidays!
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Post by fingolfin »


maybe you'd be interested in moving this to our Wiki? We could give you write access and you could place it e.g. here

That might make it a bit easier to edit/update everything. Interested? Drop me or sev or ender an email.
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Post by SirDave »

fingolfin wrote:SirDave,

maybe you'd be interested in moving this to our Wiki? We could give you write access and you could place it e.g. here

That might make it a bit easier to edit/update everything. Interested? Drop me or sev or ender an email.
Hi fingolfin:

Would be interested in discussing this with you, but you have that note there about not answering PMs and I haven't been able to find a separate email address. Where should I look?
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Post by clem »

SirDave wrote:Would be interested in discussing this with you, but you have that note there about not answering PMs and I haven't been able to find a separate email address. Where should I look?
you could try irc, #scummvm
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Post by MagooChris »

Incidentally, this is not necessary for HP Ipaq 4700/4705 users because that model is not a true VGA device
This is not entirely true... My device needs to be upscaled to get a full screen version of scummVM and I run a hx4700 (Australian Version) (happens both on 2003SE and WM5)
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Post by SirDave »

MagooChris wrote:
Incidentally, this is not necessary for HP Ipaq 4700/4705 users because that model is not a true VGA device
This is not entirely true... My device needs to be upscaled to get a full screen version of scummVM and I run a hx4700 (Australian Version) (happens both on 2003SE and WM5)
Thanks for the correction. The information I gave above is now out-dated and therefore incorrect. When the HP 4700/4705 was first released, it was released with the very first version of Windows Mobile 2003 SE which did not support true VGA. In fact, 3rd party (usually free) programs such as SE_VGA were advertised to 'enable "real VGA" on WM2003SE VGA devices (ie. to allow the use of true VGA or the equivalent of 4x QVGA pixels. This meant that unless such a program was used the HP 4700/4705 functioned as a very good pocketpc with what might be called 'enhanced graphics'. Present versions of WM 2003 SE and, of course, WM 2005 fully support true VGA on the HP 4700/4705.
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