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comi + HTC TD 2

Post by oha! »

i am using scummvm with my HTC Touch Diamond 2(WM6.1). i loaded it to my mobile device and installed it.
i also copied Curse of Monkey Island on it.

(i guess it was the right way - following this manual: viewtopic.php?t=936 , i did compress it so its about 540mb. concerning this: i used the tool uploaded here and chose the 'advanced' section, selected the .san / .bun format + PocketPC for the files and a correct outputfolder. i guess it worked.)

well i got 3 scummvm.exe (scummvm [1/2]) and opened it. i selected the game folder. the game was loaded and its shown.

i pressed start and i had to make up some key-bindings. (i tryed to chose them in a logical way because i only got a few keys, so a physical key opens the keyboard then i bound the alphabet ect.)

but after this (and everytime i start again) the console opens up and says: (running scummvm and scummvm1)

'Console is ready
Debugger started, type 'exit' to return to the game.
Type 'help' to see a little list of commands and variables.
ERROR: FLAC library compiled support needed!'

if i type 'exit' (~> 'return to game'?) scummvm quits

using scummvm2 it doenst show any console. but there is some kind of overlay on the lower end of the scummvm interface (showing a button to disable sound and turn the screen, and a Scummvm-symbol). but there is no game either. (if i punch around the overlayed interface it sometimes shows a popup saying: 'Using SDL driver wingapapi Display 480x800 (real 480x800)'

pls tell me what to do to get this game running!

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