Fate of Atlantis won't run without sound file

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Fate of Atlantis won't run without sound file

Post by mprzyjazny »

I used to run Fate of Atlantis without the monster.sou file on my Dell Axim x30 just fine with ScummVM 0.7.1. The game ran fine without speech, and without the extra 150MB file on my SD card.

Now with ScummVM 0.8.0 when I try to run the game, it complains:

startTalkSound: SFX file is not open

Any way to tell it to ignore speech?

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Post by Arisme »

That's something I have noticed in ScummVM 0.8.0 too :D

I don't think there's a trivial way to fix that ...
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Post by Cirion81 »

Not a real solution in context of you request, yet a working solution which consumes less space on you SD card would be to compress the monster.sou
I haven't done this yet with Indy4, but I asssume (from my experience with compressing DOTT and S&M) around 50MB for the soundfile with a high ogg-compression should be feasible.
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Post by frin »

my monster.sog for fate of atlantis is about 65 MB
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Post by clem »

wouldn't it be possible to "compress" the file and replace all samples with empty data (ie 0 byte samples) to strip the sound and keep ScummVM happy?

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