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sgh i637 jack

Post by WhipBamBoom »

trying to run scummvm on my new phone (sgh i637 jack) with windows mobile 6.1. (its my first smartphone PDA so i am a newb) At first i was unable to view exe files, but then i discovered a CAB creator on the forum. Got the cab file to install but am unable to get scummVM to run. I tried both exe files and get the sorry send error message (why are there 2 exe files anyway?). I've tried scummVM winCE versions 0.10.0 & 1.0.0rc1. If someone has any solutions please share your knowledge. Otherwise, I think it may be the fact that WM 6.1 uses direct 3d now, but im not sure....
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Post by NLS »

Why do you need a CAB creator?

You just need to drop the zip contents in the folder of your choice and make shortcuts for the two exe.

You don't describe the error you are getting.

And no what you mention cannot be the reason for the error.\
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