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Just bought an HTC TytnII and one of the first apps I installed was naturally ScummVM. :)

It works like a dream but there are a few annoyances mainly concerning Sierra games. This device has a slide-out keyboard and the cursor keys only control the cursor. I would want them to control the character just like the cursor keys do on regular keyboard. Also, many games use function keys. The most common is F3 to repeat the last line typed in but other games use different function keys to control different things.

I think the best thing would be if you could actually map keys on your smartphone/pda to ANY key command (including F-keys and cursor keys). That way it would be so much easier to customize your setup and enjoy the best ScummVM experience :)

Apart from this I really am surprised how well the slide-out keyboard of the TytnII works! I used to use the Symbian port - which is very cool as well - but this port really kicks monkey butt! Thanks and keep up the good work!
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