Possible to send ScummVM to background?

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Possible to send ScummVM to background?

Post by rediscover »

I installed scummVM on my old ipaq1930, to really be able to play 'on the road' I'd like to be able to send scummVM to the background in order to read e.g. a walkthrough. is there a way? or do I just have to quit and reload each time?


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Post by pncFreak »

I would also appreciate a feature like that. When I receive a phone call whilst playing, ScummVM closes and I have to reload from the autosave (slot0) file.
A tad impractical if one gets some phone calls during the day.

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Post by clem »

There have been lengthy discussions about this somewhere on the iPhone subforum - result there was that it can't be done (easily) - not sure if it's much different for the WinCE port.

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Post by fingolfin »

Well there is a difference between sending a program to the background, i.e., keeping it suspended in RAM, and the other alternative: Make an (auto) save and completely exit it. The former is possible (that's what ScummVM on the iPhone does if there's an incoming call), the latter will not work reliably (the saving part), as explained in that iPhone thread.

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Post by spookypeanut »

As far as I know there is no reason why programs can't run in the background on Windows Mobile: most applications do, as they are "windowed" and you can minimize them. But knakos is the one who would really know :-)

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Post by pncFreak »

Hmm, someone gave me a ring on my TyTN II whilst I was playing sword1, using 0.12.0

When I i tried to restore from my savegames they were all gone! They do show up when browsing the storage card folder, but scummVM does not recognise them.

They must have been corrupted due to the abrupt shutdown due to the phone ringing.

It has not affected my savegames for other games, like comi.

If scummVM was sent to the background, still running, I seriously doubt that this would have happened. I have read the forum posts about savegames, but I think this is caused by scummVM shutting down when the mobile rings.

Rather unfortunate, since I was struggling with the goat in Ireland and I would hate to replay the whole thing all over.

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