Monkey Island 1 crashes on Medion 4425

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Monkey Island 1 crashes on Medion 4425

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I have a little problem with Monkey Island 1 on my Medion GoPal 4425 Satnav (it's based on Windows CE Core 5.0). I am running ScummVM 0.11.1 with GAPI for HPC's 4.02 in emulation mode (because it doesn't recognise my device).

ScummVM runs smoothly and all my games (e.g. DOTT, Indy 3 & 4, Monkey Island 1 & 2, Sam & Max) work nicely, the music works, the speech works, everything seems to be cool. Or so I thought.

Now I reached the point in COMI, where you stand on top of the cliff on Monkey Island and you have to push that stone over the edge to shoot another stone into the banana tree on the beach. But the moment the stone hits the tree, my satnav goes "DING!" and I get the following message:

- Fatal Application Error
- Application SCUMMVM.EXE has performed an illegal
- operation and will be shut down. If the problem
- persists, contact the program vendor.
- Program: SCUMMVM.EXE
- Exception: 0xC0000005
- Address: 03FC4058

When I tap OK, ScummVM closes. I got the same message earlier in the game during the sequence where Guybrush breaks into the governors house, but there I could avoid the crash by skipping the cut scene. But that doesn't work on the cliff. I haven't had the time to play the other games to see if they crash too as you get further into the game.

I hope that there is anyone who can help me, I'd really like to get past that stupid crash and keep playing the game.

Thanks in advance

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Post by Lostech »

I had similiar problems with ScummVM 0.11.1 that it occasionally crashed. Then I switched back to version 0.10.0 or to an actual SVN version which both are more stable on my N560. Perhaps it helps you also when using a newer SVN or older version of ScummVM.

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