Simon1 and 2 as MP3

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Simon1 and 2 as MP3

Post by skyhawk »

please help, i can do what i want....nothing helps.

i can not convert the WAVE to MP3.

is it possible to send me the mp3 file, i have only an 256MB CF-card for my
PDA and i want play Simon1 and 2 with speech.

When ive got an 512MB woult it no problem....but without.

Ive try convert the Wave with RAZORLAME but allways i get an error message at the and of convert.

The Scumm-converting tool i didnt understanding....

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Post by frank_m24 »


you have to use the ScummVM Tools in order to convert the Simon WAV Files to MP3, they are not "normal" WAVs. See here:

The usage of the tools is described in the reamde and in thousands of posts in this forum.

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