Crash after starting game every second time

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Crash after starting game every second time

Post by DiePlage »

Hello everyone!

This is my first post and I hope I can contribute to this great community.

I am running ScummVM v0.11.1 for windows mobile on my Dell Axim X51v (WM5).

I've found some strange behaviour that I have not been able to get rid of so far.
The issue seems to have been reported in earlier versions as well, still I could not find a solution while searching this board.

Maybe it's a well known issue and easy to fix...

Whenever I set the display mode to something else but "none" or "2x", the game runs just fine and the chosen display filter is obviously being applied.
Yet whenever I quit ScummVM (using the "quit" function from the menu, no resets!) and restart it, the programm crashes right after I start any game.
I found two ways to play again: Delete the .ini file or respectively the whole scummvm directory or restart scummvm, set the display mode to "none" or "2x", quit, restart, choose proper display mode and play.

There used to be a stderr.txt and a stdout.txt file in the scummvm directory. Right now, those files are not being created any more. I guess debugging is switched off now which is funny because at no time did I edit the .ini file...

There was an error in stderr.out about hardware detection.

I will try to enable debugging and post anything I can find.

Until then ANY hints are appreciated! You guys brought the fun back to my PDA!!
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Post by DiePlage »

I just found out, that just restarting scummvm with standard display mode is not enough to solve the problem.
I have to set the display mode to "none" or "2x", START anay game, quit ScummVM, restart ScummVM, set the wanted display mode (super2xsai for example) and then start the game again. Now I can enjoy the game in nice graphics...

Could this be a bug in the routine writing the .ini file?
maybe scummvm is setting the right display mode but WRITING something corrupt to the .ini? So after a restart the application hangs on starting a game with the corrupt values loaded from the ini?
I am just guessing, of course...
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Post by knakos »

Seems like a bug. Since the operation with more "expensive" scalers do not get a routine check by me, something could be messed up. If you have the time, please file a bug report.
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