Unable to Play Monkey Island 1 & 2 on Windows Mobile 5.0

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Unable to Play Monkey Island 1 & 2 on Windows Mobile 5.0

Post by darktaktiX »

I have iMate Jamin with Windows Mobile 5.0.

ScummVM starts fine and I am able to load the games and start them. However after the title screen of the game it crashes and both ScummVM and the game window closes.

What do I have to do it. I've tried copying it all on to the internal memory but still it crashes. I am using a 1 Gig Kingston Memory Card.

Please help!


p.s. the reason why I am posting this again is that I really dont feel I made the problem clear the first time hence did not get any replies.

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Post by spookypeanut »

Have you tried running the games on a desktop computer to make sure that your data files are not corrupt? If you get the same crash there, try copying from the original media again.

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Post by Lostech »

Do you have the same problems with Version 0.10.0?

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Playing Monkey Island on your DS

Post by Slacb »

There's a great video on YouTube which helps.


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