SCUMMVM on PocketPC problems Saving

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SCUMMVM on PocketPC problems Saving

Post by Torsten1978 »


I use the Vesion 8 from 29.Oct

I have some Problem with ITE. How can I save a game. If i press sav, the game need a name. But the keybord dosn't coms up. Is the a key for this? One way for the moment is to make Savegames with the PC-Version, and put them on the Pocket PC. Any other solutions?

The same Problem i have with Broken sword 1. After saving, the keyboar lays over the SCUMM footer and so, I cant save again and can't close the game. Only a softreset finish the game. I also have Problems to write down the savgames. Any Ideas?

Thank to the SCUMM team for the great software.
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Post by Wyvern »

I have the same Problem with my O2 XDA mini. After saving a game, i lost my scumm footer, and therefor I cannot save again, or load an old game, or even leave the game. Only a softreset helps.
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Post by KevinSig »

Yeah, I get this problem with Broken Sword as well. I'm planning on reporting it to the Bug tracking forum, but I'd like to figure out how/where to get the latest build for Pocket PC & where to put it. Unless of course, Pocket PC have builds like the PC version.

You can make the BS save freeze semi-workable, as it at least creates a stable save. Yes, you'll have to soft reboot, but you can restore from that save.

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Post by knakos »

Hey guys,

First of all, you can double-tap near the top of the screen to show/hide the main panel bar.

You can also you try out my build Double tapping now rotates through main panel/keyboard/hidden modes. Also I've added an icon in the main panel which allows key bindings at any time.

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