Broken Sword 2 - Dell Axim x50v - resource.inf

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Broken Sword 2 - Dell Axim x50v - resource.inf

Post by Otacon »

Hi folks,

I'm having trouble starting Broken Sword 2 on my Axim using the pocket PC version of scummvm. When I try to start the game, it bombs out saying it cant find 'resource.inf'. Now, if I view the SD card on my main rig, I can see that file there no problem. *But*, if I view the SD card using file explorer on the Axim, the file appears as 'RESOURCE', all uppercase, with no extention. I guess the Axim is doing it for some reason, and I presume this is the cause of my problem.

Any advice?


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Post by SirDave »

You have apparently caught a bug in the PocketScumm version 0.8.0. It doesn't occur in version 0.7.1 so you can use that for Sword2 until it's fixed.

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Post by sev »

And that cannot be fixed without proper bugreport. See forum rule #3a.


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Post by frank_m24 »


since I not at home I cant check it, but I think, the game content of BS and BS2 is split into sub directories like VIDEO, AUDIO and maybe RESOURCE (I'm not sure about the names).

If I remember right, with 0.7.1 the "Game Search" feature of PocketScumm had a bug, which led to a wrong path in scummvm.ini at least for BS and maybe also for BS2. The path pointed to one of this sub directories and not to the root directory of the game. This caused errors similar to yours: The intro videos were not played, files not found and something like that.

Modifying the scummvm.ini with an text editor solved the problem for me. Also installing the game manually was no problem.

I'm not sure if this problem exists in 0.8.0. I have no problem playing BS2 with PocketScumm, but since I had the working ini from 0.7.1, I'm not sure, if 0.8.0 has some game detection problems

best regards


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