Random idea: change the zoom options

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Random idea: change the zoom options

Post by robinwatts »


I was struck by an idea yesterday while toying with Broken Sword. Broken Sword is a 640x480 native game, which ends up on most WinCE devices being played on a 320x240 screen. This can make it hard to find everything that is on the screen.

Scummvm contains 2 keys to allow the game to be zoomed to the 'top half' and 'bottom half' off the screen. This helps a bit, but distorts the picture.

Would a better scheme be to use those keys to toggle between zooming to the 4 quarters of the screen? That way we could see each scene in full detail, albeit split over 4 screens rather than 2.

I haven't looked at how hard this would be to implement. Would anyone else find this useful?

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