Mouse moving WITHOUT left-click?

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Mouse moving WITHOUT left-click?

Post by garvin »


Finally I got myself a PDA and desperately need to play the old Monkey Island games.

I find quite confusing that when using the stylus to tap on-screen, it always executes a left-click already. That makes moving the "virtual mouse" over items to check what they are quite annoying, and makes guybrush walk way too much.

So - is there anyway to make tapping the styles only move the cursor without executing the left click? I'd like to perform the left click with a hard key instead, or (even cooler) a stylus double-tap?

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Post by clem »

never tried WinCE, but the PalmOS people apparently had a similar question: ... ight=click

hope that somehow helps,
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Post by knakos »

Map the free look action. From the readme:
* Free look : go in or out of free-look mode. In this mode, you can tap
the screen to look for interesting locations without walking.
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