What PocketPC do u use?

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What PocketPC do u use?

Post by robolint »

Just wondering what Pocket PCs people are using for ScummVM? Im trying to find a cheap one on ebay but wanna make sure i get something that will work.

Any help wud be awesome

Also anyone selling one for cheap at all???

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Post by korDen »

Dell Axim x51v :)

I'd suggest to look at Acer n311 as it is low-end priced high-end class pocket pc device

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Post by Adventureguy »

Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX N500 :)
Great little PDA, 300Mhz with 320x240 QVGA display, run most games quite fine (some games like FT, TD, COMI, BS1, BS2, etc. can be a bit slow especially with video sequences). Also it can receive GPS data. The perfect PocketPC for my needs. 8)

And, no, I'm not gonna sell it to you. :wink: It's too precious to me. I paid 300€ at an online PDA-shop. So I'd be careful with Ebay and such since you don't know if a cheap PDA is also a good one.

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Post by oddjob126 »


I have a HP iPaq 1945 and a HP Jornada 728.

ScummVM works on both perfectly!


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Post by DemonicMurray »

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/O2-XDA-2i-WITH-EV ... dZViewItem

hurry hurry

works full screen and beautifuly on this

520Mhz lovely.. curse of monkey island on this baby is pure eye candy

not my sale but thats a bargain

forgot to mention its a phone as well with built in camera/wifi/bluetooth/infrared/gprs gsm etc running windows mobile 2003 . can you tell i had one :D

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Post by NLS »

FSC LOOX 720 and VGA greatness...

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Post by Gucek001 »

MDA (HTC/XDA variants) are very cheap nowadays. One may buy an MDA for ~<80$ here in Poland and MDA II for ~<120$. MDA II is much more recommended as it has 64MB RAM (MDA has 32MB). Some German MDA models - called T-Mobile XDA there - have 64 megs too, but MDA II has newer system - which sometimes matters. ScummVM wasn't working -for some time- on MDA 1. Now I have both anyway... :) (Of course both those are QVGA)

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