9.1 - Keyboard Interaction

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9.1 - Keyboard Interaction

Post by MagooChris »

There are two points to this:

1. I can still click the onscreen keyboard and have it come through my screen :?

2. I have programmed a button for hide but it seems to be indecisive if it should hide the toolbar or show ingame keyboard...
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Post by knakos »

1) Known problem, hope we can get rid of it before next release or, perhaps, even sooner. In the meantime, you can create a shortcut to scummvm in the "start" menu and run it through that. The keyboard won't popup anymore.

2) The hide action _should_ be equivalent to double-tapping at the top of the screen. If not, please report it as a bug so we won't forget to fix it.
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Post by ZombieBrains »

Could anyone tell me how to create a shortcut on the start menu, I'm using windows mobile 5 and currently i'm using file explorer to access pocketscumm
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Post by nodive »

It's simple. Just use activesync to explore the .exe from the desktop pc and create the shortcut with a rightclick. Then move it to the start menu folder in the pocket pc.
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