frustrated beyond belief dell axim x51v landscape user

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frustrated beyond belief dell axim x51v landscape user

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I have tried every version since .6x on my new dell 624mhz axim. It is the only program I am having trouble with. I run my axim exclusively in landscape. I finally got scumm vm to launch in landscape by reading here to set graphics mode to advmamex2. I have fate of atlantis in my menu but cant click start. The only way I was even able to get it added was to go into setting and change to portrait setup the game and then save and reset my settings back to landscape. I refuse to run this one application in portrait. if it has to run in portrait mode at any point and time its not worth having to rotate the screen. when in landscape The cursor moves in the wrong directions and the stylus seems to not do anything or acts erratic. If for some magical reason start does get selected the game does not start but rather the background application or image shows up over the scummvm and I have to soft reset. I created a shortcut launching it from programs instead of explorer. I retired this program after frustration months ago but recently had installed the new dell a12 firmware upgrade and had to reinstall all applications. So I reinstalled the latest version 9 and still the exact same issues I had many versions and months ago. I cant believe I am the only one having these issues? I cant even get started to even attempt to see if the game will even be fun! please help or I give up with this program. I can use the psp version but I think it would be nice to be able to use the touchscreen as a mouse.

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you are not the only one having this problem, its a known issue for a long time, search the forum. But you are the only one refusing to start ScummVM in portrait.
You can play the games in landscape, as you mentioned, using a 2x scaler. You just have to start ScummVM, when the PDA is in portrait.

There is an easy way: just map a button for switching between landscape and portrait in Windows Mobile. You have to press just one button bevore starting and after exiting ScummVM, if you really use your PDA only in landscape.

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