0.9 Cannot find 'PocketSCUMM' (or one of its components)

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0.9 Cannot find 'PocketSCUMM' (or one of its components)

Post by redblk »

I unzipped everything to an SD card. I'm trying to run this on a Windows CE 5.0 device (not Windows Mobile 5). I'm getting a:

Cannot find 'PocketSCUMM' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available.

I'm not sure what libraries are missing. Please help?

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Post by futaris »

Best to ask about this on the PocketMatrix forums or the PocketGamer forums ... I think people there have run ScummVM on the Sigmarion devices. I seem to remember Arisme talking about how to do it, anyway. NB, I vaguely recall someone writing a GAPI emulator for WinCE 5.0 or something similar...

Hope that helps.
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Post by joostp »

Indeed. Sounds like a missing GX.dll to me.
If it's not on your device by default chances are it's not supporting GAPI. But as the poster above me said, there might be tricks/hacks/workarounds for this.
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Post by knakos »

Some GAPIs can be found here: http://www.wincesoft.de/html/gapi_for_hpc_s.html (check the compatibility list first).
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