Full Throttle: can't read resource

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Full Throttle: can't read resource

Post by michelino80 »

Hi guys, nice work with scummvm!
I'm testing it on a Medion MDPNA250T, which is a gps navigator with windowsce4.2. it's possible to unlock windows and use it as a palm.
Now, the problem is that in Full Throttle the scummvm crashes in the sequence at the beginning, when you figth with the biker and you wake up in the girl's place. The scummvm fails to find a file (I think) then comes up with the console, where the only think I can do is quitting the game.. I followed the list of file that I've got to include in the game directory, and it seems that I've copied all the needed files. What's wrong?

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Post by sasa89 »

sorry, i can't help you, but i got the same PocketPC...
from Aldi, right :D

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Post by fingolfin »

Why do you think it's failing to find a file?

And never forget that we can't read your mind, so any details you leave out, we won't know... For example: What ScummVM version are you using? What is the precise error message you are getting? Etc.

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Post by michelino80 »

Scummvm 0.8.2
ERROR: (17:281:0x4D7):Cannot read resource
now, if I type 'exit' it comes up a window saying the same thing and the program ends.
any ideas?
thanks! :)

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Post by clem »

could mean broken datafile, try copying from CD again

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