buildbot versions and waitcursor problem, and eob question.

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xoen wrote:so i need to use special tool to have access there?
link is not working, whatever i do.
This is a link that points to the latest version of the source, using an SVN client. You won't see anything from a regular web client, you need SVN to use it. And this is only useful if you want to build your own binary from the original source code. If you want an already built binary, you can use the automated ones built by buildbot.

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thank you very much for info, Sir.
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I tried a build from the github svn checkout but unfortunately the compiler changed since my last build (now mingw32ce).

I tried cerials how-to from 2009 but had some problems building mingw32ce on my Ubuntu 12.

Unfortunately I found no recent build how-to.

So I think I've to start from a clean virtual machine and spend some time until can build the current trunk for WinCE.

Btw: Is there a preferred way to contact cerial if I want ask some questions (if possible at all) how he set up his build env (gcc version, ect.)?



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isn't it funny?
nobody can post way to compile release-LIKE version....

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