1.3.0 Thank for last version in winCE

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1.3.0 Thank for last version in winCE

Post by pilaxoft »

I´m very pleasure about this news and agree sincerely that work.
I really think that a scumm release without wince version doesnt have any sense. It´s this way couse I have one Tungsten TX, wii, NDS, PC, notebook... And I don´t use scumm in those platforms. I like so much to play scumm in my Hp1940 in dentist, train, waiting in any queve, late ini the night, in my vacances... such a "adventures gaming on the go"

I agree sincerely that work.Thank you very much.

Best regards.
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Post by Ravicai »

I echo this sentiment. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys poured into this. I've been using scummvm for years and had no idea you added support for SQ3 thru 5. Totally blew me away to see it available. Thank you!!! You made my week :) I can't even begin to relate how much time I've wasted in pocketdos and pdosbox over the years trying to get SQ3 (my favorite) running.
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Post by cerial »

Thanks for the positive feedback, always nice to hear :)
In fact, the missing 1.2.0 version for Windows CE (which included the Sierra games support first) made me pickup the WinCE port, because I think a lot of people would appreciate playing Sierra games on Windows CE (including myself ;) )
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Post by Klasno »

I registered with ScummVM just so I could post a message here and say thank you very much for fixing the WinCE port! I have long enjoyed ScummVM on my WinCE 5.0 GPS device and I was saddened when the port became broken. Alas, I didn't have the programming ability to fix it, and the wizards at ScummVM started adding all kinds of new-old games! So, I just wanted to let you know that yes, there are many still out there who want to play Sierra games and other ScummVM games on WinCE, and I also wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN to all who worked to fix this port and who now maintain it! And while I'm on my thank you roll, thank you to all you ScummVM developers! What a great piece of software you have created!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Post by windowsmobilefan »

I just also want to thank you for your work. I highly appreciate the new release. scummvm is a great project and I love it.
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Post by KMBeatz »

Thank you soooo much.

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