I had a question about which files to load.

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I had a question about which files to load.

Post by mjfarkas »

I have most of the lucas arts games and I was trying to load the copies with sound onto my palm pre plus. My question is what files do I copy to it. I have them for mac and on my pc the disc reads as blank, my G4 won't read it but can read the files, and my G3 is slow as balls.... The G4 can copy the files but when doing so to the palm it says there is an error and the copy fails halfway...is it possible to run the old mac games on the emulator and equally how would I go about copying and fixing the files. If anyone could help me with this that'd be awesome and equally I could send the files your way.

Thank you.


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Post by eriktorbjorn »

The Datafiles and HOWTO-Mac Games pages may have at least some of the information you're looking for.

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