0.11.0 LifeDrive screen and sound issue workaround

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0.11.0 LifeDrive screen and sound issue workaround

Post by Deadeye »

My Device: PalmOne LifeDrive (modification: flash drive)
Game: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (DOS) talkie version

Music doesn’t play or Music Stutters
Full screen stretches the screen incorrectly

First downloard the Scummvm 0.11.0svn from
and the ScummVM 0.11.1 from the

From the ScumVM 0.11.1
Follow the Install instructions from the ScummVM 0.11.1
Install ScummVM-Frontend.prc and skin.pdb via hotsync

From the ScumVM 0.11.0svn
Copy the scumm.engine to the \Palm\programs\ScummVM\Mods
(I couldn't get the scumm engine to work from 0.11.1 on my LD)

If you already had ScummVM on you device backup and remove (if it exists) the file

Presuming you have copied the Atlantis files to your LD

Switch the LD into Portrait View via the rotation button
Open ScummVM
Make sure the game list is empty
Press the Start Button
From the “Select an engine” screen select “Scumm Games”
From the “ScummVM 0.11.0svn” GUI select “Add Game”
Locate your Atlantis files. Navigate to the correct folder and use the enter key from the keyboard
For me its: /Palm/programs/ScummVM/Games/Atlantis/
Press “Choose”
The GUI should pre-populate the screen with game information
Click OK

Click on the “Options” at the bottom
Change the Graphics Mode to Wide
Tick Fullscreen mode and aspect ratio correction
Click on Audio Tab
Change the Output Rate: 11Khz
Click the MIDI Tab
Tick “Mixed Adlib/Midi mode”
Click OK

Click Quit

!!!!!!!!! Make sure your LD is in Portrait view !!!!!!!!!
Open ScummVM again
Make sure the game list is empty
Press the Start Button
From the “Select an engine” screen select “Scumm Games”
The “ScummVM 0.11.0svn” GUI appears in fullscreen
Click Start
Job done

Additional Keys: Home Button is used to toggle between full screen and portrait with keyboard
When in portrait with keyboard the home icon can be used as the Escape key to bypass cut screens.

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Post by Deadeye »


Does anybody know if the above solution works on the Palm TX and Palm T5?

I also found the above solution works for:
Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island 1&2, Sam and Max Hit the Road.

There appears to be bug in Monkey Island 2 during the Bones song. Issue: it never stops
There appears to be bug in Conroy house when he starts to sing: crashes my LD

Changes to the above instructions (Personal Preference):
Deleted the skin.pdb from internal Memory
Moved the scummVM-Frontend.prc out of the internal memory and onto the LD.
It just simplifies the process of getting to the ScummVM 0.11.0svn GUI.

Added the following line into the scummvm.ini:

I stuck it inbetween the following lines under the [scummvm] section

Note this will change adlib quality, the default is low.

Finally, as the palm is rubbish at releasing cached memory my LD sometimes crashes when opening the Scummvm GUI,
which has the effect of deleting the scummvm.ini file.
So I take a local backup copy of the file just in case.

Hope this help and hope I'm not DPM someone.

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