Porting to prc-tools feasible?

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Porting to prc-tools feasible?

Post by crispyking »

I'm considering working on porting the ScummVM to the Access Garnet tools (prc-tools) so that CodeWarrior isn't required to build it.

The first step would be converting the scummvm.mcp project file to a Makefile. ARM has a free mcp2make utility that reads a CodeWarrior exported XML file (but that requires CodeWarrior to generate).

Chrilith, do you have any thoughts on whether this is feasible and what issues might arise? Could you export the project file from CodeWarrior as an XML file?

-- Chris

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Post by fingolfin »

I think email would a better way to contact Chrilith and find out about this. In fact, I am not even sure whether Chrilith has an account on the forum... :)

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