newbee Q: which pda should I buy for scummvm

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newbee Q: which pda should I buy for scummvm

Post by naxa »

Hi dear all,

I've read the wiki compatibility list but i am a pda noob and i don't know what they mean by "optimized backed", so I ask, which is the best PDA for playing scummvm games? I would like to play lucasarts games (mi1,2,dotd) mainly and kyrandia+goblins.
I also would like to ask if it would be wiser to buy an ipod touch or some kind of iStuff.
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Post by aberrant »

Have you looked into a Tapwave Zodiac? It runs Palm OS and is more suited to gaming because of the controls, but has all the standard PDA functions. Check it out:

You can find used ones on ebay.
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