Monkey Island 1 (VGA) on Palm Tungsten C

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Monkey Island 1 (VGA) on Palm Tungsten C

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So Ive been trying to install scummVM + Monkey Island 1 on my Tungsten C.
As far as I can tell, ScummVM is correctly installed: I put that one file (dont remember the name)on my palm (via Hotsync), the rest of the files is on the sd card. However, I made it to the frontend, I added the game to the list, but every time I try to start playing, the screen turns black and nothing happens. Im wondering if it doesnt work because its a vga version?!


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hmm, try testing the game on the Windows version of scummVM first to make sure it isn't a problem with the game itself. Also try looking at this and make sure you haven't left any steps out viewtopic.php?t=3334&sid=409e25cc9590c4 ... 4656b4ecb7 .

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Are you sure you posted the right forum? ))

In theory you can buy a cable like this (there are models with component bells instead of s-video), but it might fail. Or you can buy this device ... 08045.html or equivalent (there are better models, try google).

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Post by beatriziya »

How can i connect my computer to my TV through a VGA cable?
My laptop is older, but it does have a VGA cable port in the back, and so does my TV. I jsut can't figure out how to get the picture on the computer onto the TV. And yes i have the sound wire too. Thanks for your help, and if you can provide direct details it would be much obliged. My TV is a Sharp Aquos.
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