every game crashes on lifedrive (scummvm 0.11)

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every game crashes on lifedrive (scummvm 0.11)

Post by selmi »

with older evrsion i used to play scummvm games on T5, especially monkey island 2 and indiana jones 3 worked without any problems and i remember trying but not playing some more

now on lifedrive all games cause reset as soon as i launch them. fatal exception is shown in <unknown application>.

information show that i have 4589kb free dynamic memory (from 6144) and 10682kb of storage (from 66844) and stack total is 3kb

i tried to switch off audio, set scummvm to use larger stack and os5 advanced mode - nothing helped

here on forum i see people have some problems with lifedrive, but most of them made games work..i can't. sometimes in rare cases game doesn't crash immediately but shows debugger with some error message (message depends on game, in monkey island 1 it was something about actors, in maniac mansion its 'o2_dosentence: unknown subopcode 191) and crashes when i try to do something there

any idea what can be wrong? maybe 4.5mb of free dynamic memory is not enough? but as i recall T5 had even less then that....

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