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Palm TX no enter

Post by crispyking »

Similar to the last topic, but I haven't found a solution :(

With Gobliiins 1, I can type in a code to load a game but I can't figure out how to press ENTER to accept the code. Neither the graffiti or keyboard works. Soft Reset is the only thing that can get out of it. It works fine in MacOSX.

Any ideas?

E.g. to try it:

Load it up (you need to disable the stylus mouse click in the ScummVM prefs) and press ESCAPE to bypass the start screens (the home or menu silkscreen button works on the Palm; it's F5 on the Mac).

Click on the Skull in the bottom right and select LOAD.

In the CODE text field (bottom left) enter the code: VQVQFDE which should load the second screen if you could press ENTER. At this point on the Palm, you're stuck and need to soft-reset.

-- Chris

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Same problem in Gobliins 2

Post by RealHomero »

I've the same problem in gob2 when I want to save a game. It asks me for a name and don't show any button to accept (in PC is the enter key)

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